Friday, June 5, 2009

The Sprout Breaks the Seed

The contentious nature of the separation caused by observation as empirical does indeed cause discomfort. Nevertheless, our frameworks still display polarity, and imbalance along that polarity brings forth conditions around which a given section of the greater cosm may reveal an aspect previously unseen and without experience from the perspective of the conglomeration of universal material affected by the imbalance. In a way, the damage that comes from a dualist perspective seems to find greater purpose when treated as a wound, not ignored or anesthetized, but instead tended and healed. As with any effective treatment, "this may sting."

Sometimes, the manner of trying to break down an imaginary wall or treat an imaginary disease comes through the search for the right imaginary hammer or imaginary elixir. Like many elements, those who find these tools may not have full knowledge of the capacity, or expect to take down the barrier in one mighty blow. I have found that these barriers and wounds require finesse and patience, taking a steady, diligent hand at reducing the barrier between individual existence and the transformative heart of all things, expressed in translation perhaps through the natal placement of Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th house (using Tropical astrology and Placidus house placement).

Thank you, contributors and comrades, for opening your hearts and sharing your radiance. You have offered me invaluable gifts of insight, eternal slivers of Soma that permit translation from the ultraviolet to the infrared. Your communication through the "external" collective of humanity has opened the internal communication to the greater spectrum of internal being, and I hope to utilize these gifts in the best way to honor this interaction.

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