Sunday, June 21, 2009


Summmerrrrrrr solstice. Lots of weird little ego-drives and stubborn digging-in of heels, but beneath, fireworks spark like a rollercoaster of phosphenes and bass lines.

I've been into the concept of the chimera, lately. I've always dug xenozoic and xenobotanical imagery, and there's something about pondering what makes particular traits in nature, how they combine in different kingdoms and phyla. Upon hearing of the scientific "chimera," or the Genetic Frankenstein Monster thing going on, I felt kind of disappointed.

Y'know, I understand all of the genetic tinkering. We as a species have been doing it since the rise of agriculture, and for all of the dick-moves and moral reprehensibility, I doubt it'll stop. If there's anything I would like to see, it's genetic manipulation of life in order to create a robust and balanced ecosystem in which we may include our current innovations, in whatever new form we may put them in. We as a species are nowhere near this level of understanding or implementation. It would require a massive shift in social consciousness and most likely step on all manner of toes in both animal cruelty and corporate power structure, thus insulting both Left- and Right-wing sensibilities. The goal would be a relatively self-sustaining resource structure. Primarily, I'm going on a few ideas: introduction of plastic-eating microbes and regulatory predatory species, robust "scavenger" types for other forms of waste, symbiotic cleansing animals (inspired by the shrimp-like Dentik from Farscape and this actual spa where little fish eat your dead skin. Apparently it's amazing.), better sewage treament, temperature regulation through heartier plant life, living building material, to say nothing of human genetic manipulation. While that may sound like eugenics (which scares the fuck out of me), imagine attaching a phytokleptic genome, in which the body could utilize the chloroplasts in the greens you eat in order to photosynthesize. Imagine what that would do for world hunger when everyone's body's making their own food during abundant sunlight.

Getting there would suuuuuuure be a mess, however, to say nothing of manipulating reactions to natural allergens. Either way, it's an idea.

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