Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thunder Restores Balance Once Again

Stumbling so far astray from the path, the external world ignites itself. If I said I felt no discomfort, I'd be quite the liar; something I'm quite bad at. Still, more than a few will believe the buffoonery spewing forth from my lips at those moments, even me.

I suppose there's something to be said for realizing one's own disaffectedness and disassociation from otherwise turbulent surroundings. The constant level of change can be hard to map, and sometimes incites strong reactions from the emotions, perceiving certian value judgments that attempt to drag the self-perception into a bearing of comparison with the group. The issue becomes "better" or "worse," when all lives have their own quality that cannot be judged in proper comparison. What kills is being unable to perceive a secret urge subverting all activity, when the operating system feels little more than apathy. Some strange thing keeps clamoring for attention, with no regard for source or truth of emotion attached. Do you know how long it's been since I've felt butterflies in my stomach at the prospect of meeting a woman? It's been something close to eight years.

Perhaps Ahriman was right: once an outsider, always an outsider. It's nice and free out here, but it's hard to navigate, for various reasons.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Phantasm's Balm

Recently I've ben taken to the act of pondering phenomena regarding ghosts and spectral phenomena.

The Spanish film, The Orphanage, reiterated a point I had forgotten; the atemporal quality of a haunting. From the film's perspective, the emotional severity of the incident that precipitated the haunting would create something of a knot in the passage of time, where the incident, lacking sufficient resolution, would continue in the subjective realms and create synchronous events in the standard model.

Part of me wonders how many of us have created ghosts in our own being? I wonder if the presence of ghosts inside facilitates the perception of ghosts in the external model? Of course, a person who has so many elements of reality within them can see that reflection externally. Of course, just about everyone has some form of unresolved emotional turmoil that results in nervous tics, neuroses, PTSD, and so on. To move toward perceiving these elements within oneself confers the ability to see them outside, as well.

The big problem along these lines is gaining that strength to act on these matters with empathy. Thanks to having a martyr god avatar ruling the mythology of Western culture, too many people attempt that absolutely titanic harmonization without considering that it's oftentimes too powerful of a beast for an individual essence to handle. It's not dissimilar to surfing a mammoth wave on one's first try. The wave might be a good place marker, but the act of surfing itself provides a constantly fulfilling goal than the massive achievement, as the act will constantly provide activity and sustenance, while the wave terminates, leaving a source without a path afterwards. I digress.

To heal otherworldly phenomena requires the most minimal push from judgment, and a level of both humility and charity. The phenomenon will speak as to what it needs, since each has its own resolution and rules beyond what we know. If only salting and burning were all that was needed.