Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Tiny Pieces Come to Me..."

The new job, even though for a few days a week, feels like one of the most daunting developments so far. I had expected a calming, spacious shepherd sort of situation but instead received a luminous evolutionary bolt. Frankly, I got what I need.

Anyhow, I was poking around the internet and came upon the possible dwarf planet Quaoar. The Trans-Neptunian object's named after the Tongva creator deity, associated with wave function and "music," which eventually gave rise to his son Weywot, representing dimensionality. What startled me was that astronomers first found this object in the constellation Ophiuchus. Now, Ophiuchus has this rap in the New Agey community as the "13th Sign" of the Zodiac, found somewhere between Scorpio and Sagittarius in sidereal astrology.

Ophiuchus has a few post-Homeric mythological parallels, most of which feel like someone trying to win the Marvel No-Prize and failing. Howwwwever, the Orphics of early Hellenic society and the Ophites from early Gnostic Christianity relate to a creator function personified by a serpent coming out of the Chaos.


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