Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hazards of the Flaming Wind and Ghostly Leaf

Salvia has an interesting way of stripping emotional barriers that are otherwise present, yet that same stripping can allow hostile energies to come forth, especially when stimulated. Sometimes the lesson it imparts is to allow that flavoring, that spitting little dram of cataclysmic fire, to exist and cool down. The key comes from learning that we may experience these feelings without constantly reacting to them. Without that separation, a person can be led to constant distraction and interruption, derailed at the slightest change in plan or change in environment. Invention comes from weathering through that transitional, non-physical discomfort and seeking either reconciliation or later prevention. Of course, those same emotional promptings, if unable to remain tethered, can inspire tremendous movements of action, when used sparingly. That allows drama to be, well, dramatic.

The Eastern Seaboard of the US has been a bear to navigate. Rarely do I feel more pallid and bleak than in the sun. My skin chars with a disturbing ease, and my eyes, accusomed to low light and shade by coloration, overload with the influx of illumination. Both have me clamoring for a nice, cool cavern with phosphorescent fungi in opportune pockets. Light and heat do increase the effects of certain recreational means of mine, and so in those moments I do cherish it. It's all a strange beast to follow.

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