Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seeds of the Luminescent Pomegranate

There's a star exploding in the center of my chest. It's no big deal.

Still sittin' alone. Old board games bring the Mysteries to mind. Not really sure why.

I can feel the leaves and the sighs of the evergreens. I feel like a cat that comes to a person's door every night, yet will never get in. No harm in trying. It's hard to see clearly through the haze of emotion, and I don't want to give up, like I have before with anything difficult. "This Vagina Mine teaches patience, diligence". A semi-unreachable focus seems to stabilize.

The hemispheres gradually work together. Thought augments Feeling. Senses augment Intuition.

Sounds begin to explode once more into muscle. Sorrow in the civilized world feels nearly meaningless. Slowly, I feel like pieces return to the whole. I feel emotions release. I can see the stars again. I can feel that sticky bioluminescence.

I might need to dig up more of this. I feel a little like I've come out of decade-long funk and my muscles are still weak, yet the endorphin surge seems to push me forward for more: more crazy visions, more spirits, more of God throwing me into the Abyss. They feel like a reward for existing.

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