Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Very Real Yet Mythic Individuality within the Universe Great and Small

In a fascinating diagram on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, the Milky Way has been laid out, with a diagram popping up, displaying the placement of our sun and how far everything is within the galaxy from it. The Sun is in a little tangential branch called the Orion Spur, breaking off of the smaller Sagittarius Arm, which runs parallel to the larger Perseus Arm. The smallest little tributary of our galaxy bears the whole of our existence. I'm perked up on caffeine, salvia and chocolate, watching the little green tree in the cafe dance in the breeze and consume the photons from the fancy track lights, senses fighting through the sluicegates of interpretation. Our planet, so full and bustling with information and activity, twirling away in this minor stick of the galaxy, nowhere in the neighborhood of the major metropolitan arms of Perseus and Shield-Centaur.

Sometimes events eclipse certain strong associations and experiences within the conscious mind. The willingness to step back and allow a person to endulge their own need to be the special one can sometimes undo one's own associations and unique expressions of connection. From no shortage of ignorance on my part, I allowed a person's need to take ownership of the spider totem eclipse my own associations, forgetting how I would play in basements full of black widows without any fear, or how I would become enraged when my father would reflexively kill spiders. As I'm writing this, a young lady who has seemed usually very closed off and skittish pours open with adoration towards this retriever that has recently undergone hip surgery, showing no shortage of brightness and love in his presence. The parallell existence that the animal poses has ignited her own totemic energy, and I'm inclined to understand it as originating in what Kundalini would note as the Heart Chakra.

Even then, parallel could very well lack the proper range of expression. Sometimes, instead of embodying similar qualities to an individual, a totem can embody qualities that the consciousness lacks, and the Martial quality of separation for a totem has an attractive quality. The Venal qualities of mirrored traits would best prove examples of the attracting of similar traits, running together through the same current (such as electricity through copper wire). This is where Mercurial observation can diffuse and differentiate, allowing for perspective on the intensity of these matters. Then again, the all-encompassing quality of associative principles may be something that I in particular experience from the symbolic Mars and Venus in the sign of Pisces upon my birth, and conjunct, at that.

Objective observation seems an impossibility. Nevertheless, in acknowledging the bias, the observation can in turn move towards that objectivity. Reason is a silly beast.

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