Monday, October 15, 2007

The Pulverizing Thunder

Idolatry's a funny animal. Some feel it's the acceptance of a fixed form for divinity, some feel that it's depicting divinity in any way, shape, or form. Some even feel that being remotely happy is idolatry.

Either way, certain deific matters seems to be given common forms and attitudes, given their mythology and the sentiment as composed by these individuals. What many forget is that mythology is the anthropomorphisation of concepts and universal patterns. Thusly, I feel that idolatry is the fixing of a single, common form of divinity to one's view of a divine concept and ignoring personal interpretation.

So, Here's me, thinking about how damned afraid I am of self-reflection, and I thought, "Who could help with that ridiculousness?" Wellllll, giving my predilections to Northern European Drug Hallucinations, I figured that perhaps having a go with a Thor motif might be a good idea.

But wait! Isn't Thor some big stupid shotgun-hammer-toting hick who doesn't know his sphincter from a steering wheel? Perhaps, as he's popularly depicted. Yet, allow us some leeway in understanding this brutish figure. He's inseperable from his depiction as a "slayer of giants." It's as with many things, where one takes on the traits of one's activities. Yet, as he kills these giants, and we ourselves take stock of their traits, we see similarities to his own traits. Fondness for drink, reliance on artifice, contempt for the weak, and so on. Long story short, the "giants" are sizeless, amorphous, unconscious traits of a person or of a situation, and the slaying of those giants is the acceptance and integration of those traits into the gestalt psyche, by way of Thor, who could be considered a deity of condciousness.

Although Thor might be lacking in some of the more subtle qualities such as Wodan, who does many things if only to confuse and befuddle, sources often list him as the Strongest of the Aesir. (On an aside, The Avalanches have come onto my internet radio, and for some reason, I've always associated "Frontier Psychiatrist" with the Aesir. Gunderic's a strange one.) Thor's embodiment of Awareness allows him to indeed change negative traits efficiently. He's almost a tactical nuke against hidden difficulties. However, to know him is to know those difficulties, and thus he remains Slayer of Giants.

More on Thor later. It's going to be a bit for me to process.

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