Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Facing Giants

Hah. So, of course, in my paean to Thor, I receive immediate results of seing my ugly giant tendencies.

To be vague, yet specific, my eagerness to please, yet dissatisfaction with the results. I'm one to promise the world to keep people happy. I'd cow to the whims of any near, and erect no barriers for myself to grow. Instead of blaming myself, I'd blame the insistence on others on my woes. The collective is a constant excuse, and the urge to see myself exist in another's eyes seems insatiable.

Hmh. So much of myself is invested in a mask, to the point that I wonder if a void lies beneath. Poignantly cliche. That void has the capacity to hold anything, and I believe that I must begin to ally myself with that void, understand what it wants to fill it, in order that when I strip to my barest self, something lies underneath.

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