Monday, October 13, 2008

Der Hexen and Old Timey Crotchety Business

I got thinking about the old Malleus Maleficarum nonsense about witches, wizards, and the like. Now, most New Agey whitewashed nancy Wiccan/Pagan/whatthefuckever will try to distance from some of the associations brought up in that, but what the Hel? In the right context, some of them are worth embracing.

The big one that makes people shriek is the Satan Gang Bang sessions that grumpy priests would wank off to in their lonely moments. Now, There're two old stories that make this story sensible: Brinsingamen and Sir Gawain.

The first story told of Freyja, Scandinavian goddess of Beauty and Value, screwing the living hell out of four horrible little dwarves for one of her most emblematic talismans, and the latter of Sir Gawain of the Round Table going on a quest to have nastysex with a horrific old woman in the woods who becomes the goddess Sovereignty upon his waking. The real idea behind both is the union of opposites, yet that "other" is still too "other" to be attractive in any way. So, fellating The Devil was ceremonially the idea of accepting and loving one's fears and horrors. There're some circles out there that probably have some silly fetishised version of this where no one learns anything and everyone just fucks with little more than the trappings of religious pretext around it. It's like Tantrism: the practices were meant to utilize apprehension and fear to shock a person into enlightenment, yet so many people in the Western world saw it as just some excuse to be lecherous. That's the real killer through sexual repression. Lusting after something can make a person to incredible things. I mean, the shit we do to get laid... wooh! But just wallowing in that, allowing that asymbolic union to override one's mind and actions from its adamant separation from "polite society," that's where the real "straying from the mark" comes through.

Then, there're the Familiars and, as mentioned in last post, homunculi. Women accused of witchcraft would usually get put under if they had some odd mole that someone would attribute to a nipple on which her familiar would nurse. Wwwelll, if we consider the "familiar" as a product of imagination and creativity and barring magical practices involving one's pets (still valid, but getting off-topic), this concept connects to the Great Mother archetype, who brings all things into existence through birth. Anyone who connects to bringing something out of oneself can pull this off, but since I kinda don't, I'm not the guy to ask. Homunculi, I feel, have a more Hephaestus/Weyland origin. Their creation seems to be out of taking a basic material and expressing some sort of lacking function upon it to observe. It's an inert material imbued with life, rather than a piece of a person separated before getting reabsorbed. For lack of a better comparison, this can be considereed a "masculine" creative function, with the creation as the contained to be imbued/womb to be impregnated. Once again, physical plumbing doesn't really matter.

I guess that's that. Stay tuned for more as I stubbornly skin my knees a few more times to figure this stuff out.

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